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Genesis Dorsey

Led to Lead (E-Book)

Led to Lead (E-Book)

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Many women are not living a life of joy yet desire to impact and lead others. In today's society, we are taught to lead by our flesh when God has called us to lead by His Word and His ways. He has called us to lead with intention and purpose. However, we have to first deal with who we are and the things that we do not share with others. We must first meet ourselves in order to lead others to their destination.

In Led to Lead, author Genesis Dorsey shares how there is a life filled with impact waiting for us. She breaks down how we can apply the Word to have meaningful relationships, lives, ministries, businesses, and more.

With her witty insight and transparency, Genesis will go on a journey with you so that you can:

· Own your now & remove the clones from your closet
· Walk in your multi-dimensional abilities as a woman
· Learn how to have the right circle as a woman of impact
· Impact those around you and raise them up as leaders

God has called you out of hiding and into a life filled with joy, influence, and impact. It's time to live that life.

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