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This is a 7 day devotional designed for women in ministry to help them jump start the move into ministry, leadership and true servanthood.

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      Speaker Bio


      My name is Tiffany Jones and I am a Daughter of the King. I’m blessed and honored to be mama to four amazing children (one girl and three boys) and “LaLa” (grandma for the older folks) to one feisty little girlAs a southern girl, I know church if I don’t know anything else. I gave my life to the Lord at an early age, but I didn’t always live the life that would edify God. Through the ups and downs of living, I’ve learned so much about life and ministry and I use that knowledge to help everyone that crosses my path.

      I currently operate as Administrator, Media Ministry President, a Youth Leader and an Adult Sunday School teacher at my home churchI also have 16 years of experience in the classroom, many years spent in leadership (professionally and in ministry) and a desire to help women, especially those in leadership. Sure, you can read and learn things, but there’s nothing like the experience that I have gained by living those things.

      I truly believe that every moment in my life has served, currently serves and will serve a purpose. And, as I face each new experience, I’m propelled forward in my purpose and divinely placed to help other women walk confidently and freely in theirsI refuse to waste any more time living in mediocrity and I am determined to use every bit of oil in my vessel to keep other women from doing the same.

      I PUSH. I PRAY. I PRODUCE. My purpose won’t allow me do anything less.