Faith on Fire Speaker - Nicole D. Jones

Nicole D. Jones

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    Speaker Bio


    Nicole D. Jones is a native Texan who truly has a heart for people. She is passionate about empowering and guiding individuals to get their lives back on track. 

    This passion led her on a path to help people overcome societal pressures in order to live on the bright side of life. Nicole is a life influencer that teaches practical and realistic applications that helps others move forward in life. She believes “it’s never what we go through, it’s how we get through it.” 

    She possesses an undeniable and powerful skill to walk with and help people disconnect from past pain to reposition themselves in an all around healthy direction, with the end result being a safe landing right where they always wanted to be. 

    Not only is Nicole a dynamic driving force for self worth and growth, she is a very knowledgeable financial educator. In her company, KTJ Financial Solutions, she educates and promotes people into maintaining a healthy lifestyle through financial freedom. Her expertise allows her to teach on various topics regarding financial literacy, including budgeting, credit repair and wealth building. 

    She and her husband currently reside outside of Atlanta, GA with their three wonderful children.